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Grooming and supplies for your dog or cat

Beth is a professional groomer who believes in using all natural shampoo and conditioner products for all clients. These products ensure that your pet does not have any allergic reactions to the treatment, is soothing to the skin and coat, and will not dry out the skin. The water used is also run through a filtration system to remove any impurities to keep your pet in good health.


Dogs by Design LLC Holistic Wellness Center & Spa is a flea-free environment. Any pets found carrying fleas are immediately given an all-natural flea bath to keep them from spreading. Any flea treatments are mandatory, and any extra cost is incurred by the pet owner.

We also have all supplies used in our grooming services available for purchase. If you want to keep your pet clean in between grooming sessions, you can use the same all natural biodegradable grooming supplies that Beth uses herself.


You can check out our Gallery for examples of Beth's grooming work.

Grooming supplies for your pet

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